Main outcomes

BASAJAUN demonstrates a series of industry-led innovations including bio-based materials, products, building systems and digital solutions for a sustainable, circular wood construction sector. The idea is to correlate an area of forest to a typical medium sized building. The goal is to exploit close to 100% of the raw materials obtained from harvested wood and to use close to 100% based in products and sub-products from all these materials.

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Innovations co-created with industry

BASAJAUN addresses novel concepts in building materials, products, systems and technology to improve the wood construction value chain. The project achieves a techno-economical assessment of the approaches and a business plan of the proposed demonstrators. All will be integrated in industrial setting to allow for a broad uptake of the solutions.

Materials and products
Coatings with improved capabilities (Irurena)
New sandwich insulation panel products (Garnica)
Foamed wood-plastic-compsites (Elastopoli)
Improved manufacturability of biocomposite profiles (Omikron-Dokk)
New natural insulation technologies (Soprema)
New curtain wall system with biocomposites (Focchi)
Enhanced egineered wood products (ENAR).

Building systems
New industrialized construction system (Bouyges)
Industrialized building concept in wood (UNStudio).

Digital innovations
Remote sensing for forest assessment (Overstory)
Digitalized manufacturing process (RemaSawco)
Digitalized construction process (Moelven)
Digital twin software for buildings (StruSoft)


Demo buildings

Two full-scale demo demonstration projects will be realized with multiple partners using innovative architecture. The Northern demo building is being built in Jyväskylä in Finland at the VTT headquarters. The Southern demo building is being built in Bordeaux France in cooperation with the Departement de Gironde. The demonstration is devoted to products manufacturing regarding scalability and replicability in a system prototype within an operational environment.


Forest to Building Digital Framework (F2BDF)

Digitalization is a main driver to boost performance and decarbonization in the construction sector. To ensure traceability of building materials throughout the whole engineering process and the lifetime of the building, a full digital twin is developed. The F2BDF helps to overcome gaps in the data flow, to increase the transparency of the engineering process, and to optimize efficiency in the of whole value chain.

An OPC UA industry 4.0 platform is built as main backbone, which can connect and integrate various autonomous subsystems of a smart supply and production chain. The framework is designed for evolvability, because the long lifecycle of building requires the software and systems to adapt further in the future.


Role of building with wood for rural development

Rural areas represent around 80% of the EU territory, yet they are inhabited by only 28% of the population . Rural populations face disadvantages such as less access to public infrastructure and services and higher risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion, which are main reasons for major demographic changes and rural depopulation trends.

In this context, forests and forestry can help rural development and contribute to the economic growth of Europe’s rural regions. Sustainable forest products and services connecting forests with urban centres through smart modern wood supply chains, such as the wood construction sector, can ensure existing jobs and create new opportunities for business and employment especially also in rural areas. Fostering this rural renaissance is a main purpose of the Basajaun project.


Exploitation and Communication

A novel open co-creation platform will be developed to promote cross-regional collaboration and regional development in Europe’s wood construction ecosystem. The project results are enhanced further into rural-urban pilot demonstrators. The platform will support regional companies and stakeholders for further uptake and upscaling of Basajaun solutions.

The project undertakes broad dissemination and develops policy recommendations to a range of target groups. Clustering with other R+D projects and initiatives in wood construction and Circular Economy will foster stronger exchange and new partnerships in Europe’s forest-based sector.