Basajaun kickoff meeting

10 October, 2019 | Bilbao, Spain | Events

We just launched BASAJAUN, a major European innovation project about sustainability of building with wood. The main objective is to demonstrate how wood construction chains can be optimized to foster both rural development and urban transformation whilst being connected with sustainable forest management in Europe. Two full-scale medium-sized demo buildings will be constructed in Finland and France using innovative architecture and a complete digitalization of the ‘forest to building’ chain. The title BASAJAUN is adopted from a creature of the Basque mythology and can be translated as ‘Protector of the forest’. Coordinated by Tecnalia, the project comprises 30 partners from 12 countries including 8 leading research and technology organizations, 3 universities, 15 companies and 5 other public and sectoral organizations. InnovaWood will be leading the communication activities. The project has received a 10M€ funding from the EU Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement no. 862942. A big thanks to the whole Tecnalia team for hosting a great kickoff meeting in Bilbao from 9-10 Oct 2019, and we look forward to the upcoming 4 years collaboration!