Country Bask
Country Bask

Main objective

Engineered wood products can make a large contribution to transforming the construction sector from a source of carbon into a sink. The main objective is to demonstrate that wood construction chains can be optimized to foster both rural development and urban transformation whilst being connected with sustainable forest management in Europe.

The core idea is to enable the construction of a mid-sized building with the lowest possible hectares of forest. Two full-scale medium-sized demo buildings will be constructed in Finland and France using innovative architecture and a complete digitalization of the 'forest to building' chain to show how wood construction can create benefits for rural areas.

Basajaun mythology

Basque mythological creature who was believed to be a strong, savage but peaceful human like spirit dwelling in the woods of the Spanish Pyrenees. His wife is called Basandere.

Basajaunak (plural) were thought to protect flocks of livestock by alerting the shepherds about storms or wolves, to build megaliths, and to teach skills such as farming and ironworking to humans.

Basajaun as project title in analogy to the idea that forests canbe better protected through a sustainable use of forest products in wood construction, to generate positive benefits for rural communities.

European forests are a sustainably managed are a source of the climate-friendly raw material wood

Demo buildings in France and Finland: our showcases of innovative materials and efficient building systems

Digitalization will allow to connect and enhance the whole supply chain from forest to buildings

Key facts

Coordinated by Tecnalia, the project comprises 30 partners from 12 countries. The team unites strong expertise in wood construction systems and buildings, innovative materials, architecture, forestry, digitalisation, environmental assessment and rural development. It covers regions both in Northern, Central and Southern Europe.

Horizon 2020 IA grant no. 862942
Call: LC-RUR-11-2019-2020
Duration:10/2019-09/2023 (4 years)
Total budget: 12.2 M€
Total EC grant 10M€

Tecnalia Research and Innovation Foundation