The project consortium comprises 30 partners from 12 countries including 8 leading research and technology organizations, 3 universities, 15 companies and 5 other public and sectoral organizations. They include broad competence in wood construction systems and buildings, innovative materials, architecture, forestry, digitalisation, environmental assessment and business development. The project is coordinated by the Tecnalia Research and Innovation Foundation in Spain.

tecnalia logo

Leading research and technology organization in Spain with broad competence in the building sector

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Dutch creative consultancy experienced in architectural, interior, urban and product design with a vast international record of prestigious building projects

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National institute for the French forest-based sector, with broad competence in research, development, innovation, standardization certification and technical assistance

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Leading glulam producer in Sweden and Norway with strong design, production and engineering capacity of large wooden structures

InnovaWood logo

European network of 60 research and technology organizations, universities, VET centres and clusters active in all fields of forestry, wood and furniture industries

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Research Institute of Sweden is a leading international research institute in various domains with a long record in wood construction and related value chains

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Technical Research Centre of Finland, a top leader active in knowledge intensive products and services, smart industry and energy systems, and natural resources and environment

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AIMPLAS is formed by +170 highly skilled professional, more than 65% with a Masters, Engineering or equivalent degree in Chemistry, polymer engineering, materials engineering or equivalent, including 20 PhD

Tecnalia is the leading independent research and technology organisation in Spain and with 1,400 employees it is one of the largest in Europe. Its main goal is to transform knowledge into GDP, to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for industry in economic terms and by means of innovation and technological development. Tecnalia has 7 business divisions, covering economic sectors of Construction, Energy, Industry, Transportation, Health and ICT. It holds over 396 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies.

Tecnalia’s Building Technologies division, which covers the whole value chain of the construction sector, from materials building and products to the buildings themselves, the city and the civil infrastructures, is the coordinator of the Basajaun project. It also leads WP4 Innovative materials and technologies.

icono mail icono linkedin Javier García Jaca
Lead Coordinator
icono mail icono linkedin Julen Astudillo
Technical Coordinator

The AIMPLAS Technological Institute of Plastics in Spain offers integral and customised solutions and services to the plastics industry including R&D projects, technical assistance, analysis and testing, competitive intelligence and training. AIMPLAS infrastructure comprises of 8,500 m2 of comprehensive technical resources: more than 20 pilot plants for transformation processes and internationally accredited laboratories that comply with the ISO 17025 standard. R+D projects embrace materials processing of thermoplastics (synthesis of new raw materials, compounding, extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, 3D printing and recycling) and materials processing of composites (synthesis, pultrusion, RTM, infusion, PU foaming RIM, Solid Surface, MW curing, SMC).

In Basajaun, AIMPLAS focused on recyclability and environmental issues of developed products and systems.

icono mail icono linkedin Arsenio Navarro Muedra
Ph.D-Senior Researcher

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a national RTO. The activities are focused on three areas: Knowledge intensive products and services, Smart industry and energy systems, and Solutions for natural resources and environment. VTT is impact-driven and takes advantage from its wide multitechnological knowledge base to strengthen Finnish and European industrial competitiveness. VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders. VTT is ranked among the top leading European RTOs and has been recognized with the “HR Excellence in Research” award by the European Commission.

In Basajaun, VTT teams contributes to raw material processing, product manufacturing and demonstration phases including recycling and traceability. Special knowledge provided relates to oam forming technology, advanced fibre products and process on pilot scale, assessing reusability of construction products, and RFID and remote sensing technology for tracking and tracing. VTT leads the LCA in WP2.

icono mail icono linkedin Sirje Vares
Senior Research Scientist, WP2 Leader

FCBA Institut Technologique is a private non-profit institute for the French forest-based sector. The main activities are research, development and innovation, standardization, certification, technical assistance, consultancy, expertise, testing, training and information of public and private forest-based and furniture stakeholders. FCBA contributes to sectorial policy support steering pro-active dialog with public authorities fostering building with wood and the circular forest-based bioeconomy. FCBA provides advice and guidance for the different professional sectors. With its unique profile in Europe and longstanding international collaborations, FCBA covers all forestry-wood related industries and value chains in France. FCBA is accompanying its industrial clients to enhance their competitiveness and to reinforce their position on national and international level. FCBA is also a certification body and has an own unit for the standardisation processes.

In Basajaun, FCBA leads the analysis of current and future wood construction value chains (WP1) and the setup of the Open Innovation Platform (WP7) in close partnership with the international WoodRise Alliance.

icono mail Jean-Denis Lanvin
WP1 Leader
icono linkedin Jean-Luc Kouyoumji
WP7 Leader

RISE is Sweden’s leading international research institute with close to 2,700 employees and focuses on industry-related R&D. RISE has major expertise and a long record in wood construction, measurement technology, digitalization and production optimization for actors in wood value chains. RISE is also active in quality and control and standardization. RISE has a vast contact network among companies and manufacturers of hardware in the industry and high competence in related business model development.

In Basajaun, RISE is WP3 leader of WP3 to develop the F2BDF digital twin of the value chain.

icono mail icono linkedin Anders Lycken
WP3 Leader

LTH, the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, is Sweden's third largest institute of technology. About 9,600 students (out of a total of 47,000 university students) study at the institute. LTH has about 75 divisions belonging to one of 19 departments. The department of Construction Sciences is one of the research leaders on building sciences. The Division of Engineering acoustics has a long record especially in the field of acoustics of timber construction. The group has strong relations with Swedish wooden building manufacturers and has all measurements facilities and super computer resources in-house to support R&D for prediction tools at low frequency.

In Basajaun, LTH contributes to assessing the Swedish wood construction market context and also the development and validation of systems and products including structural components, fast mechanical connections, façades, roofs and internal partitions.

icono mail Delphine Bard
Associate Professor

The Fraunhofer WKI - Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut in Germany, founded in 1946, has been part of the research community of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft since 1972. It is a leading institute in the systemic study of the complex natures of sustainable raw materials and their optimized use. The competence is strengthened by several chairs in materials science at the Technische Universität Braunschweig and by one chair each at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover. WKI is active in almost 100 committees and networks worldwide. Close interdisciplinary co-operation with partners in the chemical industry, the wood and furniture sector and the automotive and construction industries delivers market-driven solutions to guarantee competitiveness. Nearly all processes and construction materials produced by the research go on to be employed industrially. Emphasis is placed on the testing and use of wood and fibre construction materials, as on internal air analysis and surface technology. The development of natural-fibre composites, wood and emission protection, the development of recycling processes as well as the recovery of secondary raw materials and residual products are as much a part of our focus as organic construction materials and hybrid constructions for light construction.

In Basajaun, WKI focuses on up-scaling of hot-pressing WPC, on building systems and products development and validation and also on recyclability aspects.

icono mail icono linkedin Arne Schirp
Dr. bei Fraunhofer WKI

The Technical University Munich in Germany pursues a sustainable strategy of promoting high quality research and supports scientists at each stage of career development. It received the highest prize for its concept “Entrepreneurial University” in the “Excellence Initiative” competition by the German Federal and State Governments. TUM's outstanding, internationally acclaimed scientists are provided with a working environment that supports the evolution of highly innovative, adventurous projects in a context of knowledge exchange. The Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction at the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the field of energy efficient building with wood. Teaching and research topics are energy efficient and ecologic prefabricated timber structures, life cycle engineering, timber engineering as well as fire protection. It is chairing COST Action FP1402 and holds a lead in WG1 of COST Action FP1404. TUM has a long experience in EU research work in wide range of programs including H2020, FP7, ERA-Net Woodwidsom-Net, DFG, etc. Its work aims to apply and demonstrate sustainable and energy efficient technologies mainly in the field of timber structures and facades, building enclosure moisture management, wood building LCA and design for recycling, standardisation, regulations, transfer of knowledge to legislation and practice.

In Basajaun, TUM will be contributes to wood cascade technologies and recycling, the architectural design of the digital twin, and the development and validation of facades, roofs and Internal partitions.

icono mail icono linkedin Stephan Ott
Senior Research Associate

ITD Wood Technology Institute of the Łukasiewicz Research Network is the only research institute in Poland, whose activity covers the entire spectrum of issues related to wood, its processing and use. Among others ITD operates the Testing Laboratory of Wood, Wood-Based Materials, Packaging, Furniture, Constructions and Woodworking Machines and the Certification Center of Wood Industry Products. The Institute also conducts control and certification activities under the supervision of such organizations as the California Air Resources Board - CARB, the United States Environmental Protection Agency - EPA, the European Pellet Council and the Polish National Committee EPAL. Since 2005, the Institute has been the coordinator of the Polish Technological Platform of the Forest and Wood Sector, a national support group for the European FTP platform. For many years, ITD has implemented strategic projects for the Polish wood industry and a consultative role in economic development policy regarding circular economy, wood resources and climate change. ITD prepared numerous studies, analyses and forecasts in relation to the wood products market and disseminated the practical knowledge about circular economy.

In Basajaun, ITD co-leads with LUKE the wood construction value chain analyses and contributes to the digitalisation tasks as well as the open innovation platform.

icono mail icono linkedin Ewa Leszczyszyn
Senior Researcher
icono mail icono linkedin Dobrochna Augustyniak
Senior Researcher

The UC Timber Innovation Centre at the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile is an interdisciplinary research centre that researchers and innovates in wood construction and transfers this new knowledge to Chile and abroad. The general objective of the UC-TIC is the realization of research and development of constructive solutions in wood, to disseminate and promote innovative and quality solutions using wood as the main resource, in collaboration with the main national and international actors in the field of wood construction, creating value and making the community aware about the opportunities presented in relation to the development of this industry.

In Basajaun, UC-TIC provides access to knowledge on Chile’s and the American wood construction standards and regulations to support the market exploration and commercialisation of the construction products developed in the project.

icono mail icono linkedin Gerardo Araya
Director of R&D

Industrias Químicas Irurena SA is a Spanish specialized manufacturer of varnishes, lacquers, and stains for wood coating and paintings for industry and decorative markets, and a leading brand in the wood coating market. Irurena has developed a new range of products to protect construction materials and building elements against fire. The innovative aspect is transparency, to obtain a protection according to current regulations and European Standards which also allows to appreciate the beauty of the wood of the constructive element. This has direct benefits specifically for walls and ceilings.

In Basajaun, Irurena leads the demonstration of different coatings and treatments to improve the durability, fire and biological resistance performance of wood-based materials. The R&D goal is to develop novel water-based products to offer to the market a solution with minimum volatile organic compounds (VOC) content.

icono mail icono linkedin Javier Torre Gurutzealde
R&D Technician
icono mail Amaia Etxaniz
Marketing Assistant

Grupo Garnica Plywood SA is a global reference of plywood-based products in Spain. As market leader the company exports 95% of is production to Germany, France, UK, Neverlands, and the USA as primary markets, and has a presence in over 40 countries in all continents. Garnica also manages its supply from forests and owns production facilities in Spain and France. Lightness, easy machining and perfect finish are the three essentials to any Garnica product. Our products classes are panels, modified panels and specialty products beyond plywood, all sourced from sustainable plantations and developed for optimal resistance, performance, durability, and beauty.

In Basajaun, GARNICA leads the demonstration of a novel structural insulation panel (SIP) based on plywood.

icono mail icono linkedin David Pascual
Project Manager

Envolventes Arquitectonicas ENAR SLP is a Spanish engineering consultancy specialized in building facades, assisting architects and developer in the technological design of non-traditional facades for ensuring a quality execution. ENAR has collaborated with many important architects of national and international renommée, such as Herzog & DeMeuron, Cesar Pelli, David Chipperfield, SOM / Rafael de la Hoz, Arquitectos Ayala, Ortiz&Leon Arquitectos, Federico Soriano, HOK / Lamela Architectural Studio, Estudio Cano-Laso, Tuñón+Mansilla, and for leading Spanish building owners, such as Metrovacesa, Bami, Servihabitat, Monthisa, Nozar, Mutua Madrileña, Mapfre, Oncisa or Hines

In Basajaun, ENAR is the main engineer of the façade system (WP5).

icono mail icono linkedin Ana Gallego Fernández
Architect, BIM Manager

Moelven Töreboda AB is a leading Swedish glulam producer. In close cooperation with our sister company in Norway Moelven Limtre AS, the company designs, produces and erects large wooden structures in Sweden and Norway. Moelven has an inhouse engineering department that performs statical engineering for both multistorey buildings as well as timber bridges and traditional glulam frames for all sorts of buildings. Moelven drives innovation for modern timber buildings and strives to take existing building systems to the next level. A focus is on envelope walls and roof design for optimal insulation, to reduce material needs and the climate impact to a minimum.

In Basajaun, Moelven is leading WP5 ‘Building systems and products’.

icono mail icono linkedin Johan Åhlén
CEO Moelven Töreboda

RemaSawco AB, based and founded in 1954 in Sweden, is a leading European supplier of sawmill digitalization solutions, automation software, control systems and scanners for the global market. It has subsidiaries in Norway, Finland and Russia and Joint Venture partners covering Europe, North and South America and resellers distributors in other parts of the market. REM is an independent supplier, listed on the Swedish Nasdaq as part of the Image Systems group, but also works with different suppliers of mechanical equipment on an OEM-basis.

In Basajaun, RemaSawco works to digitalize the sawmill and further processing steps. It provides unique fingerprint traceability solutions capable to track individual items all the way through the supply chain, contributing to digital twin specifications, architectural design, data model definition and workflow establishment.

icono mail icono linkedin Johan Skog
Product manager

StruSoft AB is a Swedish software developer active in several countries, with a profile in software for the building, real estate and urban planning sector. Energy analyses of individual buildings up to complete districts can be performed with VIP-Energy or BIM Energy, using cutting edge web and cloud technology with unique possibilities linked to geographical information systems.

In Basajaun, StruSoft focuses on the conceptual design and implementation of the digital twin backbone and its connected modules.

icono mail Prof. Johnny Kronvall
Senior Advisor

Elastopoli Oy is a Finnish manufacturer specialised in natural cellulose fiber reinforced composites and has patented several technologies. The company has comprehensive pilot scale manufacturing lines and labs for materials development including simulation and rapid prototyping and owns unique technology for nano- and micro fibrillated cellulose composites. Elastopoli also produces special compounds for plastics converters, mainly cellulose fibre reinforced and stone powder filled thermoplastic composites. Elastopoli has penetrated the niche market of musical instruments and is now targeting automotive, electronics/home appliances and packaging industries with lightweight, haptic and acoustic applications. Elastopoli is supporting the fast time-to-market approach, allowing customers to use in their R&D.

In Basajaun, elastopoli develops innovative foamed wood-plastic composites (WPCs).

icono mail icono linkedin Markku Nikkila
Managing Director

Soprema is a leading French construction materials manufacturer specialised in waterproofing, roofing, thermal and acoustic insulation materials and installations. Worldwide, Soprema has 59 manufacturing plants and 13 R&D centres with 7,100 employees. The production plants include PU, XPS, and WF insulating rigid panels, bituminous waterproofing membranes, synthetic waterproofing membranes and liquid applied membranes, geotextile factory, smoke extractor factories, and workshops for steel frames manufacture. Soprema owns the French Pavatex wood fiber insulation production plant with a capacity of 45 000 t/year.

In Basajaun, Soprema contributes to the development, testing and digitalization of insulation board developed together with VTT.

icono mail Jérémie Boucher
R&D Director
icono mail icono linkedin Romain Grégoire
R&D Engineer wood fibres

Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction, with operations in more than 60 countries. It designs, builds and operates projects in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry. As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Bouygues Construction sees innovation as its primary source of added value: this is “shared innovation” that benefits its customers at the same time as improving its productivity and the working conditions of its 56 980 employees. In 2019, Bouygues Construction generated sales of €13.4 billion.

In Basajaun, Bouygues Construction is contributing to the demo building in France.

icono linkedin Bruno Linéatte
Directeur R&D Innovation, coordinator demo building Bordeaux

The Focchi Group S.P.A, founded in 1914 in Italy, has long experience in aluminium work in particular in door and window frames. Today its core business are design, manufacture and installation of curtain wall systems and envelope for architecture, including glass curtain walling with high-energy efficiency and reliable performance over time according to certified international standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 STANDARD, LEED, BREEAM). Focchi embraces sustainability, considering the whole life cycle energy cost of the building since its architectural design.

In Basajaun, Focchi develops thermoset profile materials based on biocomposites, and systems for curtain walls and multilayer facades based on these materials.

icono mail icono linkedin Alessandro Pracucci
Innovation Manager

Etcetera Design & Innovation is a Dutch design and innovation group agile in architecture and product design. Scaling down from the building to its components and scaling up from products to systems is their core of expertise, seeking novel and elegant solutions. A main role is to develop and facilitate strong partnerships between designers and engineering professionals to provide greater value to the clients through access to a broad network of partners and projects for testing and deployment.

In Basajaun, Etcetera fosters the integration of various skills, knowledge and expertise of project partners to accelerate product development and uptake related to the design of structural components and fast mechanical connections, facades, roofs and internal partitions.

icono mail icono linkedin Robert Henderson

Van Berkel en Bos U.N. Studio BV is a Dutch consultancy experienced in architectural, interior, urban and product design as well as future forecasting and research and development services. Comprised of more than 250 creative minds across four international offices, UNStudio has made ‘future-proofing the future’ its main motto. Major UNStudio projects include the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the luxury residential tower Canaletto in London and the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. In 2016, founders Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos were awarded the Gouden Kubus award by the Royal Dutch Institute of Architects, the highest honour in Dutch architecture. UNStudio provides architectural innovation and product consultancy services across the fields of computational design, building technologies, and health/sustainability. The company has developed deep expertise in material systems design fit for industrialized, modular and easily mountable / dismountable demonstration buildings.

In Basajaun, UNStudio is leading WP6 Pilot Buildings and contributes to the validation of WP5 systems and products.

icono mail Alejandro Sanchez Pena
Senior Architect
icono mail icono linkedin Tom Minderhoud
Senior Architect is a Portuguese start-up active in forest intelligence. The company leverages satellite imagery, machine learning and computing power to extract actionable insights for customers, including tree species classification, wood volume estimation, detection of forest threats and detection of deforestation through monitoring over time via an online platform. Clients are forest industry, corporate organizations, insurance and NGOs active in forest management, deforestation prevention, reforestation and urban green space. The company has been awarded several prices by leading satellite imagery companies - including Airbus, Planet and DigitalGlobe - for their innovative solutions.

In Basajaun, will contribute forest assessment data to the digital twin of the wood value chain.

Indra den Bakker
CEO & Co-Founder

Omikron-Dokk Kft is one of the largest reinforced plastic processing holdings in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe. Omikron manufactures a broad range of composite products usually as industrial supplier. Having EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001 and AS 9100 C certificates, the main technologies are Vacuum-infusion, RTM / light RTM, Pultrusion, Spray-Up, Hand lamination, CNC milling, Pre-preg.

In Basajaun, OMIKRON enhances and demonstrates pultruding profiles made of the raw materials developed in the OSIRYS FP7 project.

icono mail Viktor Gyori

With a population of 1,5 million, the Gironde is the largest département in Metropolitan France. The Gironde Departmental Council is the local government body with the following mandatory competences: health and welfare, secondary schools, culture, facilities in rural areas, fire safety and protection of the environment. It is the main authority for social action and education in the region. One of the main actions is the construction and maintenance of secondary schools. In response to the growing population of students, Gironde Departmental Council is now launching a very significant reinforcement of the ambitious and innovative “Secondary schools Investment Plan”, which brings the number of construction projects to 12 brand new secondary schools and the rehabilitation of 10 existent secondary schools by 2025. Gironde Departmental Council is committed in using wood as building material in one of its brand-new secondary school.

In Basajaun, Gironde Departmental Council provides the site for the Southern demo building project and assesses its performance from the end-user public administration perspective, supporting also the digitalisation and rural development objectives.

icono mail Véronique Lesavre
Project manager demo buidling Bordeaux

BASKEGUR Basque Country Wood Association in Spain is a professional platform representing the Basque wood sector and its associated industries. Baskegur incorporates the entire value chain of the sector, from forest ownership, forest service companies, auctioneers, first processing companies (saws and packagers), pulp and paper industry, second processing companies (furniture, structure, carpentry, etc.) and closing the chain, also to bioenergy companies. BASKEGUR offers collaboration, advisory services, consultancy and guidance to innovate the Basque timber industry and raise citizen awareness for common topics such as the promotion of local knowledge and use of wood, the enhancement of forestry technologies, natural Spaces and urban planning, promotion of wood products and their internationalization, and prevention of occupational risks in in the sector. BASKEGUR as a dynamic cluster of the entire value chain and its partners dedicated to construction in wood and seeks to energize the entire value chain.

In Basajaun, BASKEGUR contributes to communication and dissemination and creation of the open innovation platform.

icono mail icono linkedin Oskar Azkarate Zabalo
Director General

InnovaWood, based in Belgium, is a major European network in the forestry, woodworking and furniture sector. The overall aim is to bring business benefit to the value chain by providing a forum for the member organisations and contribute to the competitive development of Europe’s forest-based sector. The network has 60+ member organisations from 28 countries in Europe and overseas in the field of research, education, training and knowledge transfer. These include leading research and technology institutes (RTO), academic and technical universities, VET centres and cluster organisations in the entire value chain from forestry and wood processing to construction, furniture and bioeconomy. Its large EU-wide network is commonly used for validation and dissemination of project results in the multiple domains of the forest-based sector. InnovaWood represents a common voice for promoting wider impacts from innovative uses of wood, Europe’s most renewable raw material, in line with the major policies of the European Union. InnovaWood communicates this message effectively towards decision-makers in policy, administration and industry on the European and national level.

In Basajaun, InnovaWood is WP8 Leader for Communication.

icono mail icono linkedin Uwe Kies
Secretary General, WP8 Leader

ALPHA Consult srl in Italy is a European management and technology consultancy supporting businesses, regulators and European institutions. We are recognised as one of the leading independent experts in Satellite Navigation (GNSS) and Earth Observation (EO) and are increasingly active across other supporting and related markets , such as emergency response and management and Climate Change. Alpha works in different domains (e.g., real estate, fashion, transportation, pharma), supporting clients in developing their business models with the help of innovative technologies and out-of-the-box strategic thinking. Alpha offers a wide range of management consulting services in the areas of business strategy, corporate finance, project management, go-to-market strategy, dissemination/ communication, and technical support.

In Basajaun, Alpha Consult will lead the WP8 Exploitation and Innovation Management activities and also support the open innovation platform development.

icono mail icono linkedin Emiliano Spaltro
Managing partner, WP8 Co-leader