Methodological recommendations and guidelines for LCA assessment | BASAJAUN Public report D2.3

27 May, 2022 | Result

This study is a part of BASAJAUN Project ‘Building A Sustainable Joint Between Rural And Urban Areas Through Circular and Innovative Wood Construction Value Chains’. Project WP2 focuses on environmental aspects. It aims at providing recommendations and criteria to assess the performance of innovative materials and technologies and building systems developed in the project to improve material circularity in wooden construction.

The global objectives of WP2 are as follows:
▪ To select and propose indicators and impact assessment methods.
▪ To define a zero-waste strategy in wood-based construction.
▪ To support decisions for high level recycling of the wood-based construction products.
▪ To develop criteria and recommendations for the recovery.
▪ To provide the impact assessment results for the BASAJAUN products.
▪ To formulate recommendations for the standardization.
This deliverable D2.3 is provided in the context of the task T2.3: “Environmental impact assessment methods and approaches”.

The present report draws up a non-exhaustive inventory of methods and standards helping to calculate environmental impacts from wooden materials. Certification systems attesting to materials, structures and buildings quality, especially on wood products, are also presented in the deliverable. A focus on Life Cycle Assessment principles is then realised. Finally, methodological guidelines and recommendations for the environmental assessment for BASAJAUN ‘products’ is proposed through examples.