Recommendations of zero-waste in wood-based products | BASAJAUN Public report D2.1

22 May, 2022 | Result

Construction wastes are the valuable stock of resources that can be utilized, but for now, those are underexploited and thus, causing costs for society and environmental burdens. Main wooden waste utilization case is the incineration, but for boosting material-based utilisation, new wooden based product innovations should be needed. 

The study assessing current situation of using wood-based construction materials and their environmental performance (GWP) but also future possibilities for reuse and recycling wooden waste. The goal for innovative BASAJAUN bio-based product development and design is to use recycled wood (foam formed insulation, foam formed wood plastic composite, thermoplastic composites, and structural panels). Quality of the recycled wood but also waste prevention and reduction is studied.

This report includes following chapters for:
▪ sustainability and circularity measures (Chapter 2),
▪ international initiatives and requirements related to the waste, resources, and sustainability (Chapter 3),
▪ wooden material production phase and their environmental performance (GWP) (Chapter 4),
▪ management and quality of recovered wood, waste prevention and reduction issues (Chapter 5)
▪ annual construction and demolition waste streams; caused GWP and reset carbon storage in case of incineration (Chapter 6),
▪ BASAJAUN product development for waste prevention, GWP (Chapter 7)
▪ barriers, which should be overcome for reuse and recycling of wooden waste (Chapter 8),
▪ good practices: material passports and design for waste reduction (Chapter 9),
▪ discussions and recommendations (Chapter 10).