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13 March, 2021 | online | Events

BASAJAUN project launches new European co-creation initiative together with European wood industry federations and trade union

The European wood-based sector has launched the Wood Sector Alliance for the New European Bauhaus (Wood4Bauhaus) to establish an open platform that brings together its manifold stakeholders. Wood, an extremely versatile natural material being part of a multitude of products, is a circular material par excellence. Long-life products using wood can store carbon for decades or even centuries in buildings and living spaces. They can also be reused, remanufactured and recycled to further prolong the storage time.

This new alliance aims to raise awareness for the transformative power of the Circular Economy, put a spotlight on the versatility of innovative wood products and building systems, and facilitate dedicated co-creation partnerships with the wood sector for the New European Bauhaus.

As our first action, we will co-host an online conference on 8 April 2021 to inspire dialogue and to provide a sustainable and inclusive vision of the New European Bauhaus and its opportunities for the using more natural building materials such as wood and energy efficiency as a main lever for converting the EU’s building stock into a carbon sink. The aim is to extend the Bauhaus spirit also to interior design, furniture and other elements of daily life. Speakers include architects, designers, industry representatives, researchers and policymakers and a very broad range of actors are invited to the event. The New European Bauhaus vision will thus be promoted throughout the entire wood, building and furniture sectors as well as via public channels and organisations representing citizens and consumers. Collectively, the co-organisers directly reach a large majority of this community.

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